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The country Denmark is known for its consistent top placement in World Happiness Ranking. A great deal of this achievement has got to be the cultural construct Hygge. Pronounced as “hoo-gah”, Hygge is an idea to take pleasure in the simple things and moreover, to be consciously cozy. The Danes highly bank on spaces for they contribute to balanced, harmonious, and safe experiences. This is largely evident in their humble abodes.

Home Interior

Thank the Danes for their high regard on simplicity and coziness, because you now have a new design route to subscribe. Though there are many Interior design Berkshire you can find out there. Consider hygge as your new home design idea should you want a warm, simple, and more importantly cozy, living space. Incorporate it through these key design elements: light candles; plush throw pillows and thick blankets; and neutral colors.

Light Candle

A candle is a staple fixture and a nice compliment when it comes to making your spaces cozy, be it for your own pleasure or with the company of great friends. The smell it releases is nice. The warm light it emits is relaxing. Light candles can definitely add that sense of hygge-ness in your interiors. The selections of nice-smelling candles are endless. But another factor you might want to consider is e that gives a sound. Wood wick candles can surely do this job for you.

Fire can be relaxing to look at but it can also be dangerous. We advise you to have a quick review on the basics of fire safety like a refrain from placing the candle near flammable objects in your spaces (e.g. books and drapes). Another safety measure would be blowing out candles if you’re about to leave.

Plush throw pillows and thick blankets

Relaxation in the comforts of your own home would be amiss if there are no plush pillows and luxurious blankets around. These two can heighten the ante in following the hygge design concept. To further provide relaxation, go for throw pillows and blankets that have neutral colors. For throw pillows, test them first if they’re comfy when you rest against. For blankets, go for the ones that are knitted. If you want to save some cash, you can have a DIY knitted blanket project. The whole point of these items is that they should make you feel comfortable.

Neutral Colors

If the throw pillows are suggested to be in neutral colors, why not make all of the items also be in neutral? In this manner, you’ll be consistent in your relaxation theme. Any color that screams for attention will make your pursuit futile. Take inspiration from the Danes when it comes to dealing with this color scheme. Continue to bring warmth and coziness by choosing minimal patterns.

Coming home from a tough day at work or at school is one of life’s rewarding moments. We all long for that. A simple and cozy home can help us regain the strength we’ve already consumed for the entire day. The Danish lifestyle concept of hygge can definitely help us achieve the above we all deserve.

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